Dave Ramsey
Patience, determination…and time
Dear Dave, One of my resolutions this year was to start living on a budget, and gain control of my money. I never realized how easy it would be to get discouraged early on. Can you give me some encouragement to help make my financial resolutions stick in 2021? Collin
By Dave Ramsey Posted 12-03-2020
Don’t put your home on the line!
Dear Dave, We’d like to start preparing for the future, but our debt is preventing us from investing for retirement. Would it be okay to use a home equity line of credit to start investing? We were thinking the eventual returns might justify doing this. Nick
By Dave Ramsey Posted 12-01-2020
Saving for college
Dear Dave, What percentage of our income should we save for our kids’ education? We know you recommend setting aside 15 percent for retirement, but do you have a similar rule that applies to paying for college? Andrew
By Dave Ramsey Posted 12-01-2020
Many benefits to budgeting
Dear Dave, Some friends recently introduced me to your ideas for handling money. I’ve got to admit a lot of it makes sense, but I’m not sure why you’re so adamant about budgeting. Can’t you get a good idea of your finances by checking your accounts and balances online regularly? Parker
By Dave Ramsey Posted 11-24-2020
Dear Dave, I’ve been researching long-term care policies. Can you reach a point financially where you can self-insure long-term care needs, and not buy a long-term care insurance policy? Paul
By Dave Ramsey Posted 11-19-2020
Combine finances?
Dear Dave, Is it okay to combine finances with someone and start working on a budget before you marry them? I just got engaged, and we’ve been talking about the idea of getting a head start on our finances together. Autumn
By Dave Ramsey Posted 11-17-2020
Teachable moments are valuable at any age
Dear Dave, A good friend of mine passed away recently. In his will, he left me a couple of items and some money, and I’d like to share the money with my son. He is 25, and a good kid, but he is still impulsive with his finances. Do you have any advice for handling this in a way that will do him the most good? Frank
By Dave Ramsey Posted 11-12-2020
Pay taxes now or later?
Dear Dave, My husband and I owe $3,500 in federal taxes, along with $3,000 in state taxes. We’re both still working during the pandemic scare. Would it better to wait until the new July 15 due date to pay taxes, and pay off other debt in the meantime, or go ahead and pay state and federal taxes now, and take care of our other debts with what we have leftover monthly? Erica
By Dave Ramsey Posted 11-10-2020
Consider rent-to-own?
Dear Dave, I’m single, have no kids, and I’ve paid off all my debt. I’m ready to move to Baby Step 3, and increase my emergency fund to cover three to six months of expenses. Now that I’m gaining control of my finances, the idea of leaving apartment life and owning a home is more appealing. Should I consider a rent-to-own deal on a house when the time comes? Alex
By Dave Ramsey Posted 11-05-2020
Look at past numbers, then proceed realistically
Dear Dave, Do you have a rule for calculating how much money to set aside for home repair and maintenance? Bobby
By Dave Ramsey Posted 11-03-2020
First, understand the problem
Dear Dave, I feel truly blessed. Even with everything that is going on these days, I still have a steady job and a good income. I’m thinking about taking some money out of my savings account in order to completely pay off my credit card debt. How do you feel about this idea? Erin
By Dave Ramsey Posted 10-29-2020
Go ahead, knock it out
Dear Dave, We make about $70,000 a year, and we’re debt-free except for our house. We’re following your plan, and just started saving for retirement, but we only have $15,000 left on our mortgage. We can have that paid off in six or seven months, so would it be okay to go ahead and pay off our home as soon as possible before continuing to save for retirement? Nate
By Dave Ramsey Posted 10-27-2020
Everyone needs an emergency fund
Dear Dave, I will back on active duty soon in the armed forces. I’m debt-free except for my home, have been following your plan, and I’m about to start Baby Step 3. We are provided certain relief funds based on where you are stationed and other factors. Knowing this, how should I approach the next Baby Step? Kevin
By Dave Ramsey Posted 10-22-2020
Be professional and respectful
Dear Dave, I’ve always made good money at my job, but recently I was offered a promotion to a salaried manager’s position. The hours and pay would be much better, and I already know the approximate pay range. Do you have any tips for negotiating salary in a situation like this? Natalie
By Dave Ramsey Posted 10-20-2020
Is it an emergency?
My husband and I just completed Baby Step 3, and we have six months of expenses saved for an emergency fund. How should we determine when something is actually an emergency?
By Dave Ramsey Posted 10-14-2020
Tithe on stimulus check?
Dear Dave, Should my wife and I tithe on our stimulus checks? She thinks we should, but I’m not sure. In my mind, we already gave our money to Caesar—so to speak—and now he’s just giving it back. What do you think? Luke
By Dave Ramsey Posted 05-05-2020
Live Like Your Income Hasn’t Changed
Dear Dave, I’ll be graduating from college in December, and I’ll have a job waiting for me that pays $50,000 a year. This will bring our household income up to about $95,000. The problem is we’ve got $18,000 in student loan debt, $2,500 in credit card debt, and $4,000 to pay in medical bills. We’re living in an apartment right now, so how should we handle this income increase regarding our debt situation? Mikayla
By Dave Ramsey Posted 09-05-2019
Why do I need a will if I’m young?
Dear Dave, Why do I need a will if I’m still young and haven’t acquired a lot of wealth?
By Dave Ramsey Posted 08-20-2019
Budgeting for November
The best way to enjoy this time of year, and not lose control of your money, is to make a budget for the month’s special costs.
By Dave Ramsey Posted 11-19-2018
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