Dave Ramsey
Get practical when it comes to saving
Dear Dave, I’m having a hard time saving money. Do you have any practical advice for saving when you have an average income? Nikki
By Dave Ramsey Posted 03-04-2021
Pay that thing off!
Dear Dave, My only debt right now is a car payment. I still owe $12,000 on the vehicle, and currently I have $25,000 in savings. I’m in a very stable line of work, but my income can vary somewhat from month to month. Should I hang on to my savings, or pay off the car? Erik
By Dave Ramsey Posted 03-02-2021
Simple steps
Dear Dave, With COVID-19 and all the resulting economic problems, do you have any advice for what a young person can do to prepare for the future? Kyle
By Dave Ramsey Posted 02-25-2021
You’ve got to change the person in the mirror
Dear Dave, I’m just starting to pay off my debts. How do you feel about moving credit card balances to other companies in order to get lower rates? It seems like that would help me get out of debt faster. Elizabeth
By Dave Ramsey Posted 02-23-2021
Show them your value!
Dear Dave, I’ve been with my company almost four years. Currently, I make the same money as a co-worker with the same title and the same amount of time on the job. But since we’ve both been there, I have taken on many more responsibilities than he has. What’s your advice on asking for a raise? I feel that I have the right to complain about the situation, and think I should make more money than he does. Vincent
By Dave Ramsey Posted 02-18-2021
Mandatory withdrawal at 72?
Dear Dave, I’ll be 72 in October, and I have a Roth IRA I haven’t done anything with in a while. I’ve got about $30,000 in it, and I believe I read where the government said there will be a mandatory withdrawal at age 72. If this is true, what should I do with that money? Danny
By Dave Ramsey Posted 02-16-2021
Build wealth in college?
Dear Dave, What advice do you have for college students who want to plan for the future and start building wealth? I’ll finish my master’s degree in marketing in less than two years, and I’ve been pretty lucky so far because my parents have paid for school. I bring in about $2,200 a month at my job, and I have $24,000 in savings. Alex
By Dave Ramsey Posted 02-11-2021
Keeping the side hustle alive
Dear Dave, I have a full-time job, but I also have a side job providing firewood to help pay off debt. I make $600 to $1,000 a month with this project. My log splitter went down recently when a hydraulic line burst, and the machine caught on fire. I’m not sure how much it will cost to get it going again. Should I invest in a new one that will increase my productivity and help me pay off debt faster? Chris
By Dave Ramsey Posted 02-09-2021
A very generous offer
Dear Dave, My in-laws have very generously offered my wife and I $250,000 to help with a down payment on a home. I know the amount exceeds the IRS’s yearly gift allowance, but they want to structure it as a family loan and have already told us they don’t care if we pay it back. If we accept, we technically owe them a lot of money. If we say no, they may be offended. What do you think about this and how it might impact the relationship? James
By Dave Ramsey Posted 02-04-2021
This lady’s getting it done!
Dear Dave, I’m single, and I’ll be a pilot in the military for the next 10 years. I’m also debt-free, have a fully funded emergency fund, and I’m saving 15% of my income for retirement. After my military days are over, I plan to work as a commercial pilot. I’ve done the math, and I have about $20,000 a year to give, have fun with and build wealth. My question is about wealth building. When it comes to rental properties, I know you don’t like the idea of being a long-distance landlord. Since I’m in the military, there’s a good chance I’ll move around a bit. What should I do? Rachel
By Dave Ramsey Posted 02-02-2021
Might be money well spent…at the proper time
Dear Dave, My wife and I are on Baby Step 2 of your plan. About eight months ago she gave birth to our second child, and now she would like to have a mommy makeover. I want her to be comfortable and feel good about herself, but those procedures can be really expensive. I don’t know how to fit that in with trying to pay off debt and get control of our money. What do you think? Greg
By Dave Ramsey Posted 01-28-2021
Worried about college
Dear Dave, My husband and I are about to start Baby Step 5. We want to save money for college to help our children, but we’re a little worried about starting a 529 Plan and being penalized if we pull the money out for trade school or they don’t finish their studies. What do you think we should do? Dani
By Dave Ramsey Posted 01-26-2021
People need to hear success stories
Dear Dave, So many companies and entrepreneurs are hurting right now. With everything that’s going on in the world, I find myself ashamed to celebrate business successes. In the past, I’ve always shared highlights with our customers to show them how amazing they are and how much their support means. How can I navigate this time without making others feel bad? Alyssa
By Dave Ramsey Posted 01-21-2021
Examining the debt snowball
Dear Dave, What exactly is the debt snowball, and why is it such an important part of your plan? Lee
By Dave Ramsey Posted 01-19-2021
Get dialed in
Dear Dave, My wife and I have two kids and one on the way. We’re debt-free except for our home, and we have our emergency fund in place. We’ve also been saving for retirement, with me putting 15% into a 401(k) and her putting 10 percent into her retirement account. On top of all this, we’re putting a little money toward college funds for the kids. We talked the other night, and after that we started thinking about pulling back from retirement saving and getting the house paid off. What do you think about that? Callen
By Dave Ramsey Posted 01-13-2021
Will my mother-in-law be okay?
Dear Dave, My mother-in-law is 60. She works hard and has no debt, but she also has no savings or retirement accounts. However, she owns a couple of paid-for rental properties that are worth about $350,000 each, and her home is worth $700,000. What can I do to help her plan for the future? Paul
By Dave Ramsey Posted 01-07-2021
Save up to get out of the rust bucket
Dear Dave, I let my fiancée use my car to get back and forth to work, and it has a lot of miles on it and a few mechanical issues. The money we’ve put into the car to fix the issues is about the same or more than the car is actually worth. We just started your plan a couple of months ago, and we’ve almost got a beginner emergency fund saved up. We also have very little consumer debt to pay off. I’m afraid, though, if we get into a second $1,000 to $2,000 car, we’ll just experience the same kinds of issues and it will turn into another money pit. I bring home about $5,000 a month, and she works part-time and goes to school. How do you think we should handle things? Thaddeus
By Dave Ramsey Posted 01-05-2021
This kid’s a planner!
Dear Dave, What would be your advice for someone who is renting an apartment but has never rented before? I’m 16, and I’m trying to create a plan for when I get out on my own in a couple of years. I’ve never had any debt, and don’t have a credit score. Is it going to be hard to find a place to live? Riley
By Dave Ramsey Posted 12-31-2020
Don’t fall for it!
Dear Dave, Could you explain why buying a new car at 0% interest isn’t a good idea? Raina
By Dave Ramsey Posted 12-29-2020
Don’t let money fights steal your joy
Dear Dave, My husband and I usually have a few disagreements around the holidays when it comes to Christmas spending. Do you have any advice for eliminating this kind of thing, and making the financial side of Christmas a little less stressful? Kellie
By Dave Ramsey Posted 12-24-2020
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