Show them your value!
By Dave Ramsey Posted 02-18-2021

Dear Dave,


I’ve been with my company almost four years. Currently, I make the same money as a co-worker with the same title and the same amount of time on the job. But since we’ve both been there, I have taken on many more responsibilities than he has. What’s your advice on asking for a raise? I feel that I have the right to complain about the situation, and think I should make more money than he does.





Dear Vincent,


If you honestly feel like you deserve a raise because of your effort and performance on the job, that’s fine. Sit down with your leader, and make an objective, logical, and reasonable argument for why you deserve more money. I wouldn’t mention your co-worker, because it’s just not relevant. What is relevant is the value you bring to the company. 


I understand how you feel right now. But no, you don’t have the “right” to complain. You agreed on your pay when you took the job, and you should perform your duties with integrity and character. What someone else does, or doesn’t do, isn’t tied to your personal compensation.


If you think you deserve a raise, and you’ve got the results to prove it, sit down and have a respectful conversation with you leader. Show him or her the numbers, and the value you bring to the company, and explain why you feel you should get more money.


Good luck, Vincent!



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