Lakewood Church Job Connection Job Fair
I love going to job fairs and meeting new people and seeing old friends. JobSparx especially loves being the Media Sponsor for the Lakewood Church Job Connection job fair which is also sponsored by Workforce Solutions.
By Diana Anderson Posted 10-15-2018
Are You an Introvert?
I constantly get emails from people who define themselves as introverts. (I also get emails from their families and friends.) All of the questions center around two things: “How do I get a job, if I’m an introvert?” and “I hate to interview because I’m an introvert.” And the answer is both simple and difficult: find something you really enjoy doing, become educated in that field, and do it.
By Diana Anderson Posted 10-09-2018
1099 vs. Regular Employee
So which is more lucrative? Being a contract worker or regular employee?
By Ask Diana Posted 09-08-2018
It's Time to Bank on Seasonal Work
As threats or anticipation of pumpkin spice overload fill our social media feeds and local stores, another seasonal tradition is about to spring into high gear: Seasonal Hiring.
By Christine Wardle Posted 09-07-2018
Am I Being Rejected Because of My Age?
Ask Diana received a question from a retired professional who is trying to get back into the job market, but hasn't been successful... yet.
By Ask Diana Posted 08-31-2018
Bring Your Diet to Work— and Leave It There
Sticking to a diet is hard work, but work can actually bring structure to the diet and help take one’s mind off of food.
By J. A. Young Posted 08-28-2018
Who Killed the Resume?
My detective work brings me to only one conclusion: we are all killing the resume! It’s not dead yet, but it’s struggling. I can prove it’s still alive, though.
By Diana Anderson Posted 08-24-2018
Career Opportunities Begin Early in Houston School Districts
Houston area Independent School Districts (ISD) start early to help students prepare for careers after High School. Some students graduate with certificates and college credits in their chosen fields, and have a tremendous leg up on job opportunities. Klein ISD, recently rated in the top 25 districts in the Houston area, offers all five of the Career Technical Education endorsements to its student body.
By Christine Wardle Posted 08-14-2018
Thank You for Your Service - Texas Waives Licensing Fees for Veterans
When you’re looking for a job as you transition from the service, some real help would be great. Texas lawmakers know that it can be hard to pay all of the fees associated with licensing and certification to start a new career or pick up an old one, and they have made it easier for returning service members.
By Diana Anderson Posted 07-30-2018
Job Fairs can be intimidating if you are going for the first time. Sometimes a person can go to several job fairs and still not understand how to make them successful. Diana Anderson of JobSparx has recruited at more than a thousand job fairs, and here’s what she has learned:
By Diana Anderson Posted 07-02-2018
Cover Letters - Do's and Don'ts
The biggest mistake many job hunters are currently making is that they skip writing a cover letter when sending off a resume, says an AT&T Human Resource Manager. “Cover letters are very influential, and a well written letter can grab an interview just on its own merit. It’s too bad most job hunters are so lazy they don’t write one anymore,” notes this HR manager in charge of employee recruiting.
By Robin Ryan Posted 04-16-2018
Four Tips for Graduates Who Want to Clarify Their Career Direction
Graduation season is here. Are you one of those grads who will be celebrating the completion of your degree while simultaneously dreading the inevitable question “What are you doing after graduation?” Do you feel overwhelmed and confused about how to move forward in the work world?
By Tracy Fitzpatrick Posted 04-09-2018
Successful Welding Job Search - 7 Keys That Matter
It is true that landing a welding job is not always easy. Achieving that successful welding job search can be elusive, despite numerous attempts on your part. It is time to get to the nitty-gritty on what a successful job search in the welding profession entails. We will be looking at what it takes, to be able to experience a favorable conclusion to your welding job search efforts.
By Horace Mann Posted 04-02-2018
Do I Have a Right to Get Overtime Pay?
While most employees have a legal right to overtime pay, it may be difficult to tell in a given situation whether a person has such a right. You can’t necessarily rely on what your company says.
By Posted 03-26-2018
JOB FAIRS: So Many Companies, So Little Time
Making a good impression at a job fair may give your résumé or application added weight. The following tips can help you make the most of any fair.
By Olivia Crosby (updated by Elka Torpey) Posted 03-19-2018
Cold Calling: Stop Pitching the Gatekeeper
Many sales reps have never been taught the proper way to deal with gatekeepers, so after being screened out by them, they take the attitude that “If only they (the gatekeeper) knew how much this would benefit the (decision maker), then they’d put me through!” So they start pitching them... How wrong that is...
By Mike Brooks Posted 03-12-2018
Master the Thank You Note: The One Trick That Will Land You the Job
How can you stand out against the crowd of other job applicants? What can you do to make an impression on the person that you just interviewed? Why not do something that over half of your competitors never do? Send a thank you note to the person you spoke to earlier today.
By Patrick W. Dunne Posted 02-12-2018
What's Coming Between YOU and the Job of Your DREAMS?
Whats coming between you and the job of your dreams? The answer is not the same as the problems, and every problem gets solved, somehow, sooner or later.
By Michael DeSafey Posted 02-05-2018
Will the New Job or New Career Choice I Like be the Right Career for Me?
Is the career decision or new job you "like" the right career for you? I present you with a list of questions to consider and resources to help you answer them.
By Dr. Sander Marcus Posted 01-23-2018
New Year, New Career: 5 Tips for Changing Occupations
Do you ever wonder if the grass is greener in another field? If you’ve resolved to find out, the new year might be a good time to pursue a new career. There are many reasons to change careers. Maybe your interests have shifted, or you want the potential for earning more money. Or perhaps you just want to try something new.
By Elka Torpey Posted 12-15-2017
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