Governor Abbott Holds Call With Representatives From Oil And Gas Refinery Industry
By Office of the Texas Governor Posted 02-18-2021

Governor Greg Abbott today held a call with oil and gas refinery organizations to discuss efforts to support refineries following the severe winter weather and water and power outages.  The Governor was joined for the call by refinery representatives who explained the challenges and needs facing their industry as they work to get their operations up and running to provide gasoline for Texas families and businesses.


A readout of the call can be found below:


Governor Abbott began the call by thanking refinery representatives and their workers for their efforts in response to the severe winter weather events. The Governor stressed the important role that these refineries play in ensuring the supply of gasoline that Texas families need to fuel their vehicles and that businesses need to transports goods and supplies throughout the state. The Governor also discussed actions the State of Texas is already taking to restore power and water, as well as actions to support refineries.


Following the Governor’s remarks, representatives from the refinery industry provided Governor Abbott with a detailed explanation of the challenges they're facing, as well as solutions to get their refineries up and running again. The representatives on the call also discussed additional steps that the State of Texas can take to expedite the process for refineries to come back online to continue producing gasoline for Texas families and businesses.


The Governor closed out the call by thanking members of the oil and gas refinery industry for their tireless work and by promising that the State of Texas will use all available tools and resources to help the industry supply Texas families and businesses with the fuel they need.

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