Optometric Tech
Company: University of Houston
Location: Houston , TX
Category: Healthcare
Job Type: Full Time
Posted: 10/28/2019


  • Provides technical and office support to optometrists, ophthalmologists and optometry students.
  • Consults with patients to establish the best method of care needed; relays service changes and messages to the coordinator, students and faculty.
  • Communicates with specialty doctors and their staff regarding patient diagnosis, treatment and insurance information.
  • Maintains patient recall system, student evaluation files, clinic supply inventory, hazardous waste removal, checkout records, clinic library catalog and patient schedule.
  • Operates professional optometric equipment that helps diagnose patient disease. Maintains patient files and follows protocol to ensure quality of those files.
  • Oversees procedural coding for accuracy; follows guidelines for contractual agreements between university and outside entities; expedites completion of narrative report from faculty clinicians.
  • Instructs and assists students in laboratory functions such as slide staining and glucometry. Maintains price information of outside laboratory tests.
  • Executes research and development of laboratory procedures in the areas of student education, clinic laboratory and other patient information.
  • Conducts semester orientation sessions advising students of clinic procedures regarding equipment, laboratory and other patient information.
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.





  • 18 months and 3 years experience
  • Requires specialized training in basic trades, principles, procedures, practice, routines or techniques in a specific area or trade which might normally be acquired through up to 18 months of education or training beyond the high school level. Vocational competence in the operation of mechanical or electronic equipment may be required.Requires a minimum of three (3) years of directly job-related experience.

Houston, TX
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