Director, HSE Assurance
Company: Precision Drilling
Location: Houston , TX
Category: Professional, Management, Engineering, Energy
Job Type: Full Time
Posted: 6/7/2019


Responsible for auditing the HSE Management System (MS) which evaluates the implementation and effectiveness of the HSE MS and providing the appropriate personnel with information to support decision making and effectively execute their responsibilities in compliance to the HSE MS. Provides analyses, appraisals, recommendations, coaching, and related information concerning the activities audited, the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization’s HSE MS



  • Responsible for the development, deployment and implementation of the HSE MS system Assurance Program by planning, leading and managing the HSE Audit protocol and program globally
  • Provides effective coaching and mentoring to operations personnel and demonstrates a disciplined approach to the Company’s policies, processes, and procedures
  • Drives implementation of the MS and measures organizational compliance through verification
  • Develops a common understanding of HSE MS assurance alignment and direction regarding the Audit program and processes
  • Maintains responsibility for all aspects of the HSE MS auditing process: including performing audits, developing auditors, scheduling audit teams, conducting audit follow-up, and preparing audit reports and reviews
  • Develops and implements a risk-based audit program using HSE analytics
  • Define / identity, record, track, maintain, and validates non conformances, corrective actions, preventive actions, risk mitigation plans and effectiveness of HSE Assurance program
  • Conducts contractor management risk assessment and establishes whether contractor audit is required based upon risk, business needs and impact
  • Performs trend analysis and develops performance metrics for the implementation and effectiveness of HSE MS Processes and Tools; responsible for assimilation of data, reporting, and developing audit KPI’s
  • Provides coaching for rig/shop management regarding the implementation and effectiveness of the HSE MS
  • Assists in the management of HSE MS Document Control
  • Ensures compliance with applicable HSE Performance Standards, as well as applicable regulations and other internal/external requirements
  • Follows up on corrective actions that result from audit findings, incidents and near misses and ensures that all items are implemented, closed and followed up for effectiveness
  • Demonstrates quality and consistency of execution of the HSE MS by verifying and recommending improvements to Standards, Procedures and Tools
  • Fosters a culture of continuous improvement, including industry benchmarking
  • Ensures principles of risk management are understood and implemented in the organization
  • Works with management to develop an understanding and proper use of adequate risk assessment, root cause analysis, nonconformance and corrective action
  • Identifies competency gaps and assists with coaching and development plans
  • Manages, qualifies, trains and mentors HSE Auditors; creates HSE MS Auditor Competency

Knowledge & Skills

  • Focus on delivering high performance through collaboration & team work at all levels in the organization
  • Demonstrated experience and working knowledge of legislation, standards and industry best practices impacting HSE
  • Demonstrated experience in developing audit programs and delivering outcomes so that timelines are met across a range of concurrent audits
  • Superior ability to think strategically, innovatively and laterally to generate new ideas and paradigms
  • High level of analysis skills to identify issues and develop recommendations to address causal factors contributing to the occurrence of incidents and near misses
  • Superior listening skills and interpretive capabilities to gather, understand and analyses relevant information from those involved in investigations and audits



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Safety and Environment or equivalent qualification
  • Required HSE and/or Audit industry recognized/applicable Certification



  • +10 years of experience as an HSE Auditor with applicable auditor training; prior experience managing audits preferred
  • Experience with ISO and OHSAS
  • Experience in oil and gas operations
  • Proficient in Canada and USA regulatory, standards, and industry best practices

Houston, TX
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