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Part Time
Humble, TX
$14.00 / hr
Ramp Service Agent Job Description: The work of a Ramp Service Clerk includes the following: loading and unloading of cargo (mail, express, baggage, freight, and company material) on and off aircraft; the transporting of cargo between terminals and aircraft; the ramp transfers of cargo where required; the receiving, delivering, and physical handling of freight and company material, export at the designated express docks, mail and baggage in the outbound baggage room; the completion of forms and messages related to and necessary for the performance of the designated locations of the functions described.  The cleaning and servicing of cabin interiors, including cockpit and lavatories; draining lavatories; checking, handling, assembling, removing and installing passenger service cabin furnishings and supplies.  Transporting such furnishings and supplies to and from aircraft.  Assisting in loading, unloading and racking both filled and empty drums.  In addition, de-icing aircraft, clear aircraft windshields, pushout/two aircraft and related guide man functions; connect/remove ground power and ground start units.  May be required to clean the exterior of aircraft with specialized cleaning fluids.  May be assigned to perform routine cleaning of work areas, ramps, and facilities with or without powered equipment.  May be assigned to assist in monitoring security of facility.  May be assigned to do routine automotive repair; servicing and cleaning of powered and unpowered equipment.  Remain cognizant of WFS staff, security contractors, and visitors’ activities and report security breaches, suspicious occurrences, or non-compliance with the site security plan to managers or via the WFS whistleblower program.   Comply with WFS site security plan for assigned warehouse.  This job is covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Required Skills: Load and unload aircraft of cargo weighing up to 70 lbs. in and out of aircraft within confined cargo areas, push, pull, and position loaded containers weighing up to 3,200 lbs. on rollers with/to aircraft. Driving vehicles with gross weights of 3,000 to 80,000 lbs. in areas congested with aircraft, moving and stationary vehicles and equipment as well as positioning vehicle up to aircraft requiring depth perception and the ability to distinguish colors, red, green, and yellow. Engage in push-out of aircraft driving 80,000 lb. vehicle or assist by providing guide function to driver using depth perception in congested areas or speaking to cockpit during push-back procedure. Transport cargo to and from aircraft driving 3,000 lb. vehicle using depth perception to negotiate vehicle with attached carts through congested area.  Read "off-load" sheets to determine destination of cargo. While performing aircraft push-out and/or towing functions, engage in proper specific ground to cockpit communication via hand signals and voice commands, with and without, the assistance of sight or visual aids.  Ability to successfully communicate with others.  Ability to work in a high-noise level environment. Ability to understand and react to verbal commands and safety warnings, with and without, assistance of sight or visual aids.  Pull, push, and lift bags weighing up to 70 lbs. onto or from a conveyor belt.  Pull water hose from stationary cabinet and connect to aircraft. Lift, connect overhead and remove overhead, 40 lb. KVA electric cable to/from aircraft. De-ice aircraft at heights of up to 20 - 80 ft. lifting and holding nose, spray exterior of wings and fuselage with glycol.  Ability to judge distances. Ability to confront and question unauthorized personnel in secured areas, and report their presence to authorities as necessary. Reports to work on a regular and timely basis.  
Full Time
Houston, TX
$18.00 / hr
The Service Manager is responsible to meet or exceed Service department goals at a branch. The SM directly supervises District Managers and has ultimate responsibility for the success of the Service department. The SM reports to the General Manager.
Essential Functions: Recruit, develop and motivate a highly productive team of promotable DM's and RSR's through continual coaching and training, regular meetings, actively training and developing DM's to become future SM's, fostering a positive work environment, projecting a professional image and building strong relationships with each DM or RSR. Also oversees disciplinary action taken in the department. Ensure customer loyalty and outstanding customer service. Hold DM's accountable for customer visits, audits, new installs, problem solving, open communication and negotiating with customers. The SM also participates in route ride-alongs and contacting customers on a regular basis. Ensure all company policies and procedures are followed in the Service department, including safety, HR and Service SOP's. Oversee the maintenance of Driver Qualification files and maintenance of delivery vehicles. Oversee all new account installs and personally attend major and corporate account installs. Manage retention and growth by motivating the Service team to solicit new customers and retain current customers, up-sell/cross-sell/sample all lines of service or product and ensure a profitable product mix. Monitor and report competitive activity. Oversee promotions, contests and continued excellent customer relationships. Control department costs within budget constraints. Submit regular department progress to the General Manager. Leading the Service team to success, communicate changes and policies, oversee route organization for the branch, perform periodic route check-ins, make visits to Service Centers and cooperatively work with other departments in the branch. Safely operate company vehicles, following all applicable laws and company policy. Follow written and verbal instructions and perform other tasks as directed by the GM. Additional Functions: Work with and support other branch personnel as required by the GM.
Full Time
New Orleans, LA
Position Summary: This position is responsible for developing business from new and existing accounts in your designated sales area. You will achieve assigned revenues and performance goals, further develop business relationships through high level account contact and strong ability to close and secure business. This position will be heavily focused on New Orleans / Mobile Regional accounts.
Critical Success Factors includes the following: High level understanding of the entire supply chain, specifically intermodal container drayage. Able to connect and build lasting relationships with high level customer contacts quickly. Able to present potential clients with logistics solutions within complete understanding of Gulf Winds core services. Excellent communication, presentation, and customer service skills. Team player with ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment. Critical, time sensitive decision making that impacts contractual agreement
Essential Duties and Responsibilities includes the following. Other duties may be assigned as deemed appropriate by Senior Management. Achieve profitable sales growth through assigned KPIs and Weekly Call goals. Lead Key Account Teams of assigned accounts through Quarterly Reviews, in person visits, and problem resolution. Create positive behavioral differentiation with current and potential customers by practicing and using the GWI Customer Perspective Sales Process. Coordinates sales process with customer service representatives and operations staff to ensure customer’s requests are being properly met, and that customers are kept abreast of new developments. Determine target account needs by seeking out and studying their import/export process and identifying key supply chain contacts. Compose executive summaries based on target account needs. Monitor competitive activity and other external factors such as local market trends and governmental policy, which can impact our business. Participate in industry organizations and functions as directed. Receive and respond to opportunities in a timely manner. Maintain accurate rate records of all inquiries following up same as required. Maintains current files/records and customer profiles within Salesforce/ CRM.