Security & Law Enforcement
Full Time
JOB SUMMARY: Observes and reports activities and incidents at an assigned client site, providing for the security and safety of client property and personnel. Makes periodic tours to check for irregularities and to inspect protection devices and fire control equipment. Preserves order and may act to enforce regulations and directives for the site pertaining to personnel, visitors, and premises.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS The functions listed describe the business purpose of this job. Specific duties or tasks may vary and be documented separately. The employee might not be required to perform all functions listed. Additional duties may be assigned, and functions may be modified, according to business necessity. All assigned duties or tasks are deemed to be part of the essential functions, unless such duties or tasks are unrelated to the functions listed, in which case they are deemed to be other (non-essential) functions. Employees are held accountable for successful job performance. Job performance standards may be documented separately, and may include functions, objectives, duties or tasks not specifically listed herein. In performing functions, duties or tasks, employees are required to know and follow safe work practices, and to be aware of company policies and procedures related to job safety, including safety rules and regulations. Employees are required to notify superiors upon becoming aware of unsafe working conditions. All functions, duties or tasks are to be carried out in an honest, ethical and professional manner, and to be performed in conformance with applicable company policies and procedures. In the event of uncertainty or lack of knowledge of company policies and procedures, employees are required to request clarification or explanations from superiors or authorized company representatives. Controls access to client site or facility through the admittance process; assists visitors with a legitimate need to gain entry to the facility; screens visitors and client employees in an efficient manner in order to expedite their admittance to the site or facility. Provides an atmosphere in which all client employees and visitors know that the client responds to and cares about their needs; provides a courteous, respectful and pleasant interaction with each client employee and visitor as perceived from their point of view; presents a good image of the client and its security department. Communicates in a manner that is open, honest and responsive in all situations; to the extent authorized, provides information regarding the site and surrounding area as requested by visitors. Monitors entrances and exits; acts to prevent unapproved or unlawful entry; controls entrances, the movement of people and vehicles, and parking; operates a gate and examines vehicle contents; monitors remote entrances using closed circuit television; operates remote access devices; in a calm manner directs persons who cause a disturbance to leave the property. Patrols assigned site on foot or in vehicle; checks for unsafe conditions, hazards, unlocked doors, security violations, blocked ingress and egress, mechanical problems, and unauthorized persons; inspects buildings and grounds using appropriate equipment and protective gear. Protects evidence or scene of incident in the event of accidents, emergencies, or security investigations; sets up barriers and signage, and provides direction or information to others. Prepares logs or reports as required for site; writes and/or types reports and/or enters information in a computer using standard grammar; inspects security control logs and takes action as required. Observes and reports incidents or suspicious activity to client representatives, company management, life/safety personnel or public safety authorities as appropriate for the circumstances and/or as required by the site. Responds to incidents of fire, medical emergency, bomb threat, flooding, water discharge, elevator emergency, hazardous materials, inclement weather, and other incidents or conditions following procedures established for the site, by the company, and/or through training or certification. Acts to ensure that all property removal is conducted within appropriate policy requirements and in accord with client standards; identifies client products or materials among items carried by client employees or visitors. Carries out specific tasks and duties of a similar nature and scope as required for the assigned site.
Full Time
It’s an exciting time to work at Brink’s. We’re leading the secure logistics space and new opportunities are opening company wide. Whether you’re a Driver looking for a career with independence or a Teller looking to make an impact, there’s a place for you at Brink’s, and an opportunity to grow in another area of our business.
Working at Brink’s puts you in place to succeed alongside the best team in the industry. A place with a strong heritage and a bright future. A place where consistent results are recognized and rewarded with growth opportunities. A place to build your career.
Brink's is currently hiring for several positions:
As a Messenger at Brink’s, you’ll partner with another team member in the safe pick-up and delivery of cash and valuables. You’ll work to ensure every stop runs with precision and professionalism.
Our Messengers work in a performance-oriented environment and take ownership of vital work that protects cash liabilities and helps businesses run.
Additional responsibilities include:
Deliver or pick up valuables at customer locations Dispatch personnel to ensure successful transactions Remain alert and prepared at all times, not only protecting the crew or premises against attack, but also watching for accidents that could result in a loss Reconcile customer deposits and receipts of all valuables handled during daily businessOther duties as directed
Part Time
League City
This is a volunteer, unpaid position.
The Volunteer Firefighter protects the community in a wide range of emergency situations. The Volunteer Firefighter may be called upon to deliver fire suppression, emergency medical assistance, rescue, hazardous material responses, public education and other various duties as assigned.
Example of Duties/Essential Functions: Responds to fire alarms and extinguishes fire Responds to calls for medical assists Responds to and renders assistance in emergency cases; Cleans and inspects equipment and apparatus after returning from a fire; Inspects equipment and apparatus and notifies chain of command of any defects; Makes minor repairs to equipment and apparatus, performs routine preventative maintenance tasks, and keeps records of such action; Keeps fire station, equipment and grounds in a clean and orderly condition; Participates in training activities and instruction sessions; Acquires and retains a thorough knowledge of the City, including streets, buildings, water supply, unusual hazards and related items; Performs various public information or education tasks; Enters inspection, training and (on occasion) and fire calls into the records management system Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with City and Department policies and procedures; Works with other City departments on a daily basis  Other Duties and Responsibilities: May respond to emergency calls for specialized service such as hazardous materials, confined spaces rescue, extrication and technical rescues that include high angle, below grade, swift water, trench and collapse rescues; May respond to non-emergency calls providing a wide rang of public service activities May be assigned other duties by Fire Administration Staff
Part Time
Position Objectives: Answers telephone calls made to 9-1-1 emergency and non-emergency phone lines to determine if the call requires Police, Fire, EMS or other agency response. Provides appropriate information or assistance as required by the nature of the call. Utilizes technical software applications for call answering, entering, assigning, and announcing via radio equipment. Utilizes mapping technologies from phone equipment and Computer Aided Dispatch (C.A.D.) to ensure calls are entered timely and accurately. Prioritizes and dispatches appropriate resources for Police, Fire and EMS operations. Refers reports and/or complaints to either agency by trunked radio or telephone. Provides supplemental information to Police, Fire and EMS staff as needed. Documents updates and/or changes in the computer-aided dispatch system as required. After EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatcher) certified, provides pre-arrival medical instructions to citizens on the telephone in life or death situations before paramedics arrive at location; relays patient status as needed and/or relays advice among the caller and responding units per APCO International Emergency Medical Dispatch protocols. Conducts computer searches through local, state, and national databases for possible wanted persons or stolen property, and provides information to the requesting officer. Confirms stolen property or wanted/missing persons, enters data into T.C.I.C./N.C.I.C. as requested and sends and receives teletypes. Compiles and enters data for various daily reports required by the department and records information in computer systems maintained for Police, Fire and EMS staff. Documents problems, changes form for input to data base, and ensures information is updated and equipment is properly working at all times. Assists with training and/or cross-training of other employees. Monitors emergency equipment such as the radio alarms, crime fighting technologies, weather monitors, security cameras, and inter-city Police/Fire radio frequencies. Performs duties required by accreditation process.
JOB DUTIES: Answer busy telephones during emergency situations and receive pertinent information for immediate dissemination to police units in the field Dispatch police and other public safety personnel to emergency and non-emergency calls for service Closely monitor radio traffic in the event additional assistance is required by assigned field personnel Maintain accurate, detailed logs of field personnel’s locations, times and other information for immediate or future use Serve as the department’s emergency communications link to other police agencies during critical situations Receive, assist and direct walk-in complainants at the police department facility Ensure that any telephone messages received through the dispatch office are documented and forwarded to the intended recipient Operate T.C.I.C./N.C.I.C. computer terminals for queries and data entry and deletion, as needed Operate radio equipment to di patch Police, Fire and E.M.S. personnel, as needed Operate video / audio monitoring equipment Maintain detailed documentation on calls for service dispatched or any other information that may be received through the dispatch office Operate Computer Aided Dispatch computer terminals Accept monetary payments in the form of a money order, for municipal fines and issue accurate receipts to violators for such fines Performs other duties as directed by the Chief of Police or his designee
Full Time
The Security Officer’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of all store associates and clients, and to assist store personnel with any disruptions or safety-related issues.  The Security Officer provides a presence at the entrance of the store through courteous and professional interaction with clients.  The Security Officer works closely with the security department and store management team to increase employee awareness and to ensure all company policies and procedures are followed.
Key Accountabilities Provide a visual presence at the entrance/exit through courteous and professional interaction with clients; Ensure the safety of all store associates and clients; Assist store management in ensuring physical security of location; Prevent losses through teamwork and communication with retail management and staff; Abide by, and support, all company policies as well as any other standards communicated by management; Partner with retail managers to insure all merchandise is protected in accordance with Company loss prevention anti-theft tagging standards; Conduct transaction and sensor audits in accordance with security department requirements; Drive achievement of shrink reduction, communicate monthly loss prevention newsletters, and support management in elevating loss prevention and security awareness; Support the training and vetting process of vendor guards; Handle emergency/crisis incidents while maintaining a safe work environment; Provide physical security expertise and ensure proper functionality of store security systems; Support management team in follow-up on theft incidents and completion of incident reporting at store level; Conduct employee package inspection as employees leave for the day.

Part Time
What does a Best Buy Asset Protection Associate do?
At Best Buy our mission is to leverage the unique talents and passions of our employees to inspire, delight, and enrich the lives our customers through technology and all its possibilities. If you have a passion and curiosity for what is possible and enjoy people, we invite you to join us on this mission. A Best Buy Asset Protection Associate coaches and leads employees in asset protection best practices to ensure a safe, secure and profitable environment throughout the store. They work with the Asset Protection Lead to resolve any hazards or compliance issues and investigate any accidents. They also demonstrate preparedness and exhibit behaviors for proper emergency response procedures. At Best Buy we give you plenty of ways to challenge yourself. Youll find working in a high-paced retail environment increases your ability to solve problems, multitask and work in a team environment. Further, our leadership is committed to helping you succeed in your current role and prepare you for the next through coaching and performance appraisals. 40% of your time you will: Monitor the store for potential security risks and alarm function. Protect against fraudulent activity by creating AP Alerts and reporting and documenting incidents properly when necessary. 30% of your time you will: Teach and coach store employees about the principles, standards and policies related to safety and crisis events and monitor their fulfillment. Work with the Asset Protection Lead and others to resolve any hazards or compliance issues and investigate any employee or customer accidents.
30% of your time you will: Interact with customers and store employees to maintain a safe and profitable environment.