Full Time
JOB SUMMARYServe as integral member within Technical Support group by providing advanced technical support to Tier 2 personnel and customers.  Provide lead support for the most complex technical issues.  Identify and perform analysis on product performance trends.  Work with customers to solve design problems in products. Serve as the internal expert in a specific field.
PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES Evaluate, analyze and make recommendations pertaining to the improvement of product maintenance, product design and operational performance. Support development of new products and the realization of performance enhancement and cost improvement ideas. Analyze, evaluate, and recommend new materials to support product design changes. Perform technical analysis of competitive products, services and/or competitor patents. Serve as technical escalation point for Tier 2 subject matter experts, provide advanced analysis and offer resolutions for most challenging issues. Perform other work-related tasks as assigned by COE Technical Leader.Comply with all NOV Company and HSE policies and procedures.  FACILITY/GROUP SPECIFIC RESPOSIBILITIES Perform tasks assigned by COE Technical Leader. Provide advanced technical product support to team global subject matter experts (SMEs) assigned to perform 24/7 technical support to internal and external customer base. Supervise and support goal-oriented training and competency development programs for Tier 2 technicians/engineers to improve product knowledge and cross-discipline troubleshooting. Identify, investigate, consolidate and categorize product reliability trends to support product performance feedback. Provide technical content support for formal feedback to Product Engineering of global product or component performance and reliability related to design, maintenance, or operations. Perform product notification (PN) review (PIB, PIN, etc); support PN planning for release.  Support / supervise implementation; perform tracking and reporting function. Prepare reports with damage assessments and recommended corrective / maintenance action based on customer and field service reports, and data from NOV logging or monitoring systems. Coordinate with internal and external specialists to support complex issue resolution.  Cooperate with other business lines to provide the customers “Service Above All” Maintain close relationships and communication loops with Global Product Engineer and Product Engineering departments.
NOV’s headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, and we have more than 35,000 employees operating as a global family throughout 67 countries. We take pride in our people and continue to support the communities where we live and work.
We have a long tradition of pioneering innovations, which improve the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, safety and environmental impact of oil and gas operations.
NOV is made up of many different Business Sub-Segments. Here at the NOV Houston Bammel Facility, we are a part of the Rig Technologies Aftermarket Operations Sub-Business Segment, where we maintain and support NOV manufactured rig equipment through parts, service, and repair.

At NOV, we power the industry that powers the world
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Full Time
The Leadman possesses all the skills required of a Journeyman and is able to supervise a work crew without direct supervision from a higher level. Supervision in this case comprises instruction on how to do the tasks required of the craft, and does not generally constitute pay, scheduling, or disciplinary decision making.
Identify, remove, pack, transport, or dispose of hazardous materials, including asbestos, lead-based paint, waste oil, fuel, transmission fluid, radioactive materials, contaminated soil, etc. Specialized training and certification in hazardous materials handling or a confined entry permit are generally required. May operate earth-moving equipment or trucks.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Assembles scaffolding and seals off work area using plastic sheeting and duct tape. Positions mobile decontamination into or portable showers at entrance to work area. Builds connecting walkway between mobile or portable showers and work area, using hand tools, lumber, nails, plastic sheeting, and duct tape. Use hand operated or power-operated tools to remove or encapsulate asbestos containing materials. Spray chemical solution over asbestos-covered surfaces, using tank with attached hose and nozzle, to soften asbestos. Cuts and scrapes asbestos from surfaces, using knife and scraper. Shovels asbestos into plastic disposal bags and seals bags using duct tape. Cleans work area of loose asbestos using vacuum, broom and dustpan. Wears protective clothing and uses a respirator to prevent exposure to airborn asbestos fibers Follows all safety regulations regarding work practices, such as work site preparation, decontamination, and waste disposal Uses encapsulating materials in an appropriate manner. Appropriately position warning signs. Follow proper techniques for minimizing fiber release through the use of wet methods, negative pressure ventilation equipment, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums, and proper clean- up and disposal procedures. Safely remove coatings or refuse that may contain hazardous compounds (lead based paint, contaminated soil, etc.) using approved methods.