What's Coming Between YOU and the Job of Your DREAMS?
By Michael DeSafey Posted 02-05-2018

Whats coming between you and the job of your dreams? The answer is not the same as the problems, and every problem gets solved, somehow, sooner or later. For those in the construction, engineering, or environmental fields, the answer to this age-old question comes in many ways. You may not have enough experience, or training, or limited opportunities in your area (relocation is necessary sometimes). No issue has to hold you back. If you really do give it your all, and you have the right attitude, overcoming the many obstacles is just another part of the job.


Many people have dreams, and usually the ones who face the challenges and concentrate on what needs doing to meet them come up with a plan. Planning the dream career involves taking an honest look at where you have strengths and weaknesses, and what you can do become stronger and compensate for issues (everyone has some kind of area than can use improvement). Yet planning your way will only prepare the journey ahead. You have to meet everyday with the same resolution and focus.


Becoming disciplined and skilled is key to your success. Without a relentless drive, your dreams will elude you. Watch others and pick up from what successful people do, many people find this type of inspiration invaluable! Things you can do include finding the right training and work to position you in the future for the ideal job. This is one way; building your resume and finding out what people do to get in the positions you seek are doing are essential.


Talk to people who have those jobs, find out what they did personally. If you want to follow your dreams that’s one thing, if you are willing to do what it takes and follow-through, that’s entirely another. Self-esteem and confidence building are real ways you can improve your outlook. In many ways it all comes down to attitude in life. You may have heard this before, but a good attitude means the difference between loving what you do and hating it. And, that’s also entirely up to you.


A dream job is possible if you exude the kind of dedication employers are really looking for. You have to appreciate everything about having work, about having opportunity, and about life. Gaining a good philosophy to work from, and good work ethics will lead you in the right direction. Above all, taking all chances to improve, and maintaining your health and state of mind will improve any chances you get, along with these other elements.


No one likes office politics too much, there are all kinds of ways to handle situations on the job that create conflict that you may have not thought of. Attitude and professionalism will get noticed by employers. Even if you have had problem times, or a bad attitude in the past, using these suggestions and taking each day as it comes, while continuously improving all areas of your performance, skills, training, and the chances that you can find your way to your dream job will be greatly increased.


Michael DeSafey is a leading executive recruiter for professionals in the construction, engineering and environmental industries. He is currently the President of Webuild Staffing http://www.webuildstaffing.com. To learn more about Michael or to follow his blog please visit http://www.michaeldesafey.com


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