Tapping into the Power of Creative Thinking during COVID-19
By Regina Jingles Posted 04-13-2020

Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father, politician, philosopher and scientist among other titles, once stated that there were two certainties in life: death and taxes.


To that, I would add the concept of: "change." The arrival of the coronavirus or COVID-19, has ushered in unprecedented change on a global scale. Most of us are experiencing a wide range of emotions from anger and confusion to sadness and unexpected gratitude during this time. The emotions we’re feeling are all valid and unique to our particular situation.This pandemic has everyone from employees and CEOs, parents and school teachers, to world leaders and ordinary citizens being forced to "get creative" as we deal with this crisis. None of us are immune from the concept of change.


Look around and you will notice how individuals and organizations applying "creative thinking" to everything from masks and face shields to new forms of teaching and connecting.


How are you dealing with the concept of "change?"

As a freelance yoga instructor, I’d like to share two very important concepts that are often taught in a yoga class and could be helpful during this time of job uncertainty: the need to "be still" and "breathing."


Let’s start with the first one: "Be Still"

Despite the chaos around us, now is the time to "be still" and evaluate our current situation before making the kind of changes that can have far-reaching consequences.


Whether we are employed or not, now is the time to:

--work on developing new skills that can aid in finding work, maintaining the job we have or creating new entrepreneurial opportunities;

--improve our social media presence that can aid in finding new work, gaining connections and building our influence;

--eliminate any and all expenses that interfere with our self-improvement goals;

--improve healthy habits one day-at-a-time while eliminating harmful ones;

--read empowering business books that will allow us to develop rewarding side-hustles;

--allow our minds to still "dream and wonder" through the enjoyment of uplifting stories, music and art.


If you’re an employer, now is the time to:

--let your employees, suppliers and other facets of your business, how much you value them and reward them appropriately;

--to implement systems that allow you to maintain a presence so that you can "bounce back" when this pandemic ends and keep it going;

--to improve your social profile with recommendations, case studies and new updates;

--research unexplored target markets to gauge profitability;

--to work with non-profits and other charitable organizations in the "spirit of giving."


"Change" whether brought on abruptly or not, has a way of inspiring creative thinking.


We have all been suddenly forced to move from "auto-pilot" to "thinking on our feet." Tapping into the power of "creative thinking" is available to us all irrespective of the things that often

divide us. The present-day rulebooks are being rewritten as we speak.


Let us now consider the second concept that is taught in yoga: "breathing."


  • Breath is vital.
  • Breath is energy.
  • Breath is calming.


We all need to take a "deep breath" and allow ourselves to let the emotions "come up and out" so that we can act freely to create "positive change" in our lives in ways that work for us in the present and for the future. We have to move from doing things on a "shallow" level and "go deep" especially as it applies to relationships, jobs and our health.


With the world "on pause," now is the perfect opportunity to become proactive without worrying about societal expectations that can cause "impostor syndrome." Our talents and gifts are needed now more than ever. It’s up to us to work in environments where it will be appreciated and compensated.


Consider the flower: Before a plant blooms, it grows in the "dark" soaking in air, water and nutrients until it is ready to bloom on a timetable of its own making.


This is our time to "bloom" despite the "darkness" around us.


Yes, I know that sounds rather "simplistic" but now is the time to explore creative ways of "thinking" and apply it to every facet of our lives without worrying about the critics whether from family, friends and co-workers to the hesitation from our own minds. This is critical whether we are employees or a business owner.


So remember, "be still and breathe deeply." Afterwards, "go forth and bloom."


Are you ready?


Regina Jingles is a yoga / group exercise instructor as well as a "creative thinker." Visit her YouTube channel (Get Fit with Regina) for easy-to-follow exercise ideas. If you’re an open- minded individual, freelancer or business owner looking for affordable, creative ideas, contact her at: www.getfitwithregina.com.


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