Ease the Stress of Job Hunting with an Exercise Routine, Part 1
By Regina Jingles Posted 03-07-2019

Let’s face it. Job hunting can be extremely stressful.


After all, between updating resumes, following up on potential job leads, going out on multiple interviews, getting extra education and certifications while dealing with bills and other pressing obligations, the process can have a profound effect on one’s mental and physical state which can sometimes lead to anxiety and depression.


That is why it is critically important to develop positive coping strategies to ease the stresses that come with job hunting. Without positive coping strategies, it is very easy for an individual to succumb to depression without even realizing it. Exercise provides an excellent way to relieve that stress.


How you ask? Easy.


When you exercise, your body releases “feel good chemicals” known as endorphins. These endorphins “flood” your nervous system triggering positive feelings throughout your body, enabling you to go about your day. It is often referred to as a “post-workout high.”


Additionally, regular exercise boosts your self-esteem, both internally and externally. What’s more, exercise helps effectively manage chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. Exercise also allows one to sleep better without having to rely on medication. It’s a natural alternative to cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine.


So, what type of exercise releases these endorphins?


Any kind. Whatever is going to make you “sweat and smile,” is the right type of exercise for you, so as long as it “enjoyably vigorous.”


So, whether you enjoy running, boxing, swimming, weightlifting or a relaxing round of yoga, ANY activity that allows you to “work” your body will be of great help. You want to exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes to at least 60-75 minutes regularly.


Additionally, you may want to also consider taking group exercise classes. There’s a special magic that comes when you work out with a group. Even if you don’t know anybody, you’re all there for the same thing: to look and feel better. Unlike physical education lasses of old, where one can often have feelings of being “left out,” group exercise classes operate on the rule of “we’re all in this together!” no matter what physical condition you might be in.


So, if you have a gym membership, now is the time to maximize it. Go whenever your schedule allows for it.


Don’t have money for a gym membership? No worries.


For starters, you can take advantage of free group passes available at just about every gym around. Most locations will allow you to try out a free class, or two for a day, week or even a month. It’s a great way to see if that gym would be a “great fit” for you. Visit gyms in your neighborhood or try out gyms that are less than 20 miles away by car. After all, you want to be able to visit the gym regularly without the hassles of a long commute.


So, when thinking about an exercise program, consider the following:

  • What activities do you want to pursue
  • Your schedule
  • Your budget
  • and the location of the gym


Of course, if all else fails, you can just walk around for at least 20 minutes. Walking is one of the best exercises around and it allows you to clear your mind and perhaps, come up with new ideas for your job hunt.


In addition to working out and getting yourself to feel and look better, you might be able to “casually” network while working out next to somebody on the bike or treadmill. Who knows, that could lead to a job offer.


That said, get out there and exercise. It does a mind, body and soul some good.


And, it might just help you with your job hunting!


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Regina Jingles, is a certified group exercise and yoga instructor based in Houston, Texas. Visit her website at www.getfitwithregina.com to get on her mailing list, receive exercise tips as well as subscribe to her soon-to-be-launched YouTube channel.

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