Lakewood Church Job Connection Job Fair
By Diana Anderson Posted 10-15-2018

I love going to job fairs and meeting new people and seeing old friends. JobSparx especially loves being the Media Sponsor for the Lakewood Church Job Connection job fair which is also sponsored by Workforce Solutions.


There was so much excitement in the air as more than 800 job seekers walked in the door, were given a JobSparx canvas bag and magazine, and went to visit with representatives from 150 companies.You are going to see a lot of JobSparx bags in these pictures!


If you are unemployed or simply want a better job, this was the place to be. Many people were able to perfectly match the job requirements and schedule interviews with their favorite companies. That’s the goal of a job fair!


Employers were very happy with the candidates crowding their tables and enjoyed the opportunity to meet potential employees face-to-face. It’s always better to be a face than a resume!


Every day I have people tell me that they have looked everywhere possible for a job, and then I learn that they have never attended a job fair. If you wonder about what a job fair is and does, look at these pictures with all of the smiling faces.


I guess the best way to describe the real job fair atmosphere is to say that it is a meeting place for people from every walk of life. There are executives looking for a new opportunity, administrative and support veterans who stopped working for awhile and now want to rejoin the workforce, younger workers who are looking for that first job, retirees who miss their jobs, construction and manufacturing experts ready to give their expertise to a new company, and hundreds of other individuals with individual skills and abilities who are looking for their future.


Watch the JobSparx Events Calendar at or like our Facebook page to see when the next big event is being held and plan to go. Bring plenty of resumes and a smile. Of course I know that you’ll dress professionally because you want that job. Hope to see you there!


Iris Galloway, Graphic Designer and Staff Photographer, took many, many photographs of employers and attendees. You may see yourself in one of these pictures if you look very closely.

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