It's Time to Bank on Seasonal Work
By Christine Wardle Posted 09-07-2018

As threats or anticipation of pumpkin spice overload fill our social media feeds and local stores, another seasonal tradition is about to spring into high gear: Seasonal Hiring.


Yes, that’s right. It’s prime time to look for a part time or temporary job that can help ease the sting of upcoming holiday expenses, pad your bank account, or even to fill in some more resume experience. Beginning in September and October, companies are ramping up their business in preparation for holiday sales. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even the post-Christmas sales and returns increase the need for additional workers in many industries between the fall and the New Year.


In Houston, this is especially true, since our climate opens possibilities that you can’t find in other areas of the country. Golf courses, landscaping, and other warm-weather businesses are still hard at work, even in the winter months. Add to that the bustling retail and restaurant scene of most Houston area
towns, and you have opportunity not only knocking, but ringing the bell.


Why work for just a season?
There are as many reasons to work part time as there are people. Most people seek out additional work to help with home and personal finances. Some save for gift-giving, while others are looking to pay off bills or other emergency expenses. Dave Ramsey, financial expert, recommends finding as much work as you can to pay off debts quickly. In an article at, “5 Ways to Boost Your Holiday Budget”, he suggests, “If you want to boost your holiday budget, there’s nothing like a side job — and the extra cash it brings in — to turbocharge your savings. And while extra income is great for the holidays, it’s also super handy in helping you reach big money goals throughout the year.”


Have you considered that your new seasonal job may be the link to the new career you want?


When you start your search for temporary work, look for a position that adds experience to your resume. Any additions that you can add to your list of accomplishments will be a boost.


See if the company you want to work for is hiring for part time seasonal help. Even if they are not hiring for the job you ultimately want, it is a great way to get your foot in the door and make a good impression on the management. The impression you leave on your temporary employer can be the key to getting a permanent job with the company.

Always treat your temporary job as respectfully as you would a full-time position, and don’t neglect your duties there just because it’s short-term. It can bring long-term benefits! Even if your side job is not in a career field that you want to go into, making and networking with new business connections through work is a boon for any job seeker. You never know how far the good impression you leave will go in finding your dream job.


Where to look: There are hundreds of seasonal jobs to be had, in almost every industry. The first type of job people think of for part time Holiday work is in retail, and it’s no accident that we do. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “… Employment grows substantially during the holiday season in eight retail industries.” These retail industries include furniture, electronics and appliances, health and personal care, clothing and accessories, sporting goods, hobby, book, and music stores as well as non-store retailers such as online sales.


Other industries outside of retail, especially in Houston, that will be looking for additional workers include:


  • Manufacturing
  • Construction: Residential & Commercial
  • Transportation: Drivers, Loaders, Merchandisers
  • Warehouse
  • Administrative
  • Customer Service
  • Healthcare
  • Fitness Services
  • Landscaping
  • Recreational Facilities: Golf Courses, Amusement Parks, Local Attractions
  • Food service: Restaurants, Caterers, Gift Delivery
  • Hotels
  • Airport Services
  • Professional Firms
  • Photography


You aren’t limited by your current employment status, your experience level or your age when it comes to temporary work. Even older children can take on additional jobs such as baby sitting to earn extra cash. There are jobs waiting out there, just in time to get that extra cash you need. Can you hear Opportunity ringing the doorbell?


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