Am I Being Rejected Because of My Age?
By Ask Diana Posted 08-31-2018



I am a professional who actually owned my own company for years and years before I retired about 4 years ago. My retirement income is not enough unless I get another job, but I want to make sure that it is the right job for me. I make sure to let them know in every interview that I was very important and pivotal in my last job so that they will realize that I should be promoted as quickly as possible. I have a lot of good ideas, and I want to use them to make sure that my next company grows and prospers. Do you think they are rejecting me because of my age? What is the best way in an interview to make sure that they realize that I may be older, but I am still a great asset?

-Houston, Texas Reader




Older workers are a huge benefit for companies. Most companies don’t care: they simply want someone who can do the job. However, if you are instead trying to let people know how important and wonderful you are, stop. I think you’re shooting yourself in the foot by bragging so much about what you USED to do and what you want now. Unsurprisingly, most companies are not looking for people who think they are entitled to the job and to promotions that aren’t even being considered at this point. You are more valuable to the company if you have just a tiny bit of humility than if you spend the entire interview bragging about yourself. They are interviewing you for a specific position, and they have to think about how you will fit in that position rather than how you will fit in a higher position.


If you can do the job, let them know. Make sure that you know how much benefit you’ll bring the company, and then let the rest of the interview be fact-finding on your part and by the company.


Calm down and just interview with your own great personality instead of pushing people away.


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