Successful Welding Job Search - 7 Keys That Matter
By Horace Mann Posted 04-02-2018

It is true that landing a welding job is not always easy. Achieving that successful welding job search can be elusive, despite numerous attempts on your part. It is time to get to the nitty-gritty on what a successful job search in the welding profession entails. We will be looking at what it takes, to be able to experience a favorable conclusion to your welding job search efforts.


Key #1 - Do Not Be Discouraged If a Welding Job Search Ends In Failure


It is easy for most of us to feel down in the dumps when we find out that we were rejected for the job in question. This could be due to many things, such as stiff competition for that job, or finding more appealing applicants before they could even reach your application. Whatever it is, do not let it be the end of the road. Welders have to work hard, in order to keep their job after they have been hired, and getting the job requires them to work hard as well, so do not think about giving up on that welding job search.


Key #2 - Resume Organization


Resumes should be brief and to the point. Since you are applying for a welding job, you will want to keep it relevant to the welding job you are applying for. Try to keep it to one page and you have to make it easy for the employer to navigate.


Key #3 - Apply For Welding Work That You Are Capable Of Doing


This goes without saying. If there is a vacancy for a welder and it is out of your field of expertise, then forget about it and search for a welding job that is in your area of expertise. For example, if a job requires a 6G pipe welder and you can only weld 5G, expect employers to throw your resume away. Even if you lie and put 6G on your resume, the cat will be out of the bag sooner or later, when they realize that you cannot weld in the 6G position.


Key #4 - Know Your Stuff

The more knowledge you have about welding, the better it will be for you. You stand a greater chance of being hired, if you are a "multi-skilled" welder (being able to do multiple types of welding) than if you were only proficient in one welding process. Always try to expand your knowledge on the various aspects of welding.


Key #5 - Search Everywhere


Whether it is through the classifieds, the internet, asking around, signing up with employment agencies or unions, it helps to explore as many avenues as possible when you are doing that welding job search.


Key #6 - Be Humble Yet Confident


When interfacing with employers, you need to show utmost respect for them and be polite at all times. You must also be confident in your welding abilities. If you do not have confidence in yourself, who will have confidence in you?


Key #7 - Improve On Your Last Effort


Didn't like how your last interview went? Thought your welding test could have been much better? Did you show up late to your interview? Whatever it is that may have kept you back from achieving a successful welding job search, you need to look at where you went wrong and have it corrected next time around.



Find Out How To Take Your Efforts To The Next Level

Discover how to make yourself even more appealing to potential employers when doing a welding job search, and earn more money when you succeed. You could be just days away from landing a new, handsomely paying welding job.


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