Why Waiting To Start Job Hunting Will Prove To Be The Wrong Strategy
I was talking to a 58-year -old manager at Microsoft yesterday. I asked him if Microsoft is doing any hiring. He said, "I just hired two people. I've never met either of them in person. I did the interviewing online and decided that they were the right people to join the team. So I gave them job offers. One starts on Monday, and the other one starts next week."
By Robin Ryan Posted 12-02-2020
How to Avoid a Holiday Hangover…From Overspending
Black Friday is coming! Everywhere you look there’s a good deal to be had. And this year, most people aren’t even going to the stores, but that won’t stop the sales from coming to you. They’re showing up in your inbox, just sitting in your pocket waiting for you. With the click of a button, items will magically show up on your doorstep.
By Chris Hogan Posted 11-25-2020
Time To Update Your Résumé—Here’s One Secret To Use
Valerie, 59, is a human resources manager, working at a prominent company, who had asked for my help in writing her résumé. She said, “I think now is the right time to polish up my résumé. I see résumés all the time. Thousands have passed through my hands, but when it comes to writing my own, I have a difficult time doing it. A résumé is nothing more than a slick piece of advertisement. But an important piece, especially in today’s job market. I hate to admit it, but I need help writing mine.”
By Robin Ryan Posted 11-18-2020
Laid Off? Many Boomers Are Headed Into Forced Retirement
“I’ve been a chiropractor my whole working life. At 63, I’m unlikely to get another job. Being laid off now is really the end of my career,” said Thomas as he looked at the layoff letter. “I’m shocked and surprised. It feels terrible, and it’s a major loss to be forced out of doing something you love. I’ve helped over 20,000 people during my long career. It feels like such a tragedy and loss to the public too. I kept many people from a lifetime of pain and disability,” this chiropractor stated.
By Robin Ryan Posted 11-11-2020
Bulletproof Your Bank Account During the Pandemic
These are unprecedented times, you guys. There’s sad news everywhere you look, so I want to give you some hope today. Let’s talk about one thing that can help your specific situation right now, no matter where you’re at with your finances—an emergency fund.
By Rachel Cruz Posted 10-28-2020
Haven’t Looked For A Job In Years? Here’s What Has Changed And How To Succeed
Recognizing that the job search process has changed is the first step. Here are a few key things you need to know about.
By Robin Ryan Posted 10-21-2020
How to Handle Business Promotion During a Crisis
Y’all, these are some weird times for business owners. For the past few weeks, you’ve been thrown a pretty big curve ball in the form of the coronavirus. No matter what size company you have, you’re left asking yourself some pretty hard questions like: How do we keep the lights on? How do we keep paying our team members? How do we adapt? How do we show that we’re sensitive and not out of touch? How do we still stay in business in this new world?
By Christy Wright Posted 08-19-2020
Resume Quiz To See If Employers Will Respond To Your Resume
Writing a persuasive resume is challenging for most people. Yet, a top-quality resume that effectively sells your skills and accomplishments to an employer is essential to your success. Is yours good enough to grab a recruiter’s attention? As a result of the COVID-19 recession, many employers are being flooded with resumes that will likely never get through the Applicant Tracking System so no HR person or recruiter will ever physically see it. I have created this quiz, based on dozens of hiring surveys, hundreds of employer interviews, and nearly 30 years of resume writing experience. It doesn’t matter what generation you are from, I’ve worked with Baby Boomers, Gen Z every age in between to create eye-catching resumes that landed jobs.
By Robin Ryan Posted 08-10-2020
Remaining productive when working from home
As of mid-April, about 95% of Americans—or 306 million people—were placed under a stay-at- home order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This means that in a matter of days we’d been thrown into the largest work-from-home experiment in history. But disruption is an opportunity for innovation. It’s critical that you stay as productive as possible during this time—for your own career, for your company, and for our larger economy. With that in mind, here are eight tips for working from home, whether you’ve been doing this for years or just a few days.
By Ken Coleman Posted 05-13-2020
Helping College Grads Face Job Uncertainty
If your college graduation ceremony has been canceled because of the coronavirus, I’m so sorry. I know that wasn’t what you guys were expecting or hoping for, and it’s okay to be sad about it. That is real stuff! This probably also throws a curve ball at your post-grad plans, especially when it comes to job hunting. But here’s something else I know: You guys are smart and hardworking, and we’re going to get through this. So, here are my top six tips for transitioning into the workforce after college during these crazy times.
By Anthony ONeal Posted 04-29-2020
The New Federal Income Tax Deadline is July 15
It feels like the world has been turned upside down recently. Our plans have been cancelled or delayed for the foreseeable future—even our taxes! The Federal government is trying to take some pressure off Americans who are running short on cash during the coronavirus crisis, so they’ve pushed back the tax deadline from April 15 to July 15. I want to answer some important questions about the new deadline.
By Chris Hogan Posted 04-15-2020
Tapping into the Power of Creative Thinking during COVID-19
The arrival of the coronavirus or COVID-19, has ushered in unprecedented change on a global scale. Most of us are experiencing a wide range of emotions from anger and confusion to sadness and unexpected gratitude during this time. The emotions we’re feeling are all valid and unique to our particular situation.This pandemic has everyone from employees and CEOs, parents and school teachers, to world leaders and ordinary citizens being forced to "get creative" as we deal with this crisis. None of us are immune from the concept of change.
By Regina Jingles Posted 04-13-2020
Tattoos in the Workplace: Are They Acceptable Yet?
You were 18 years old and that brand new skull-and-crossbones forearm tattoo looked great. Fast-forward ten years, you've received a degree and you're looking for a respectable, good-paying job. Will that skull-and-crossbones tattoo be the bane of your job search? Well, it all depends.
By Lindsey Jenkins Posted 10-11-2019
5 Mistakes That Slow Down a Career Change
The way beliefs drive behavior is quite amazing - especially when you realize that beliefs are often nothing more than thoughts we have so frequently that their status becomes elevated. Beliefs are not necessarily more true than other thoughts we have, but as they become ingrained, they start to influence us. Soon we stop questioning these thoughts and act on them without much further consideration. A lot of personal development boils down to noticing how you act on the beliefs you have established and your ability for honest self-awareness. When you develop these two components, you then create the power to fuel personal change.
By Michelle Perkins Posted 10-04-2019
How to Close an Interview to Land the Job
"How do you end an interview?” asked Ken, a Baby Boomer. “Should I be bold and just say hire me, no one is better? Will I sound too cocky or demanding and lose the job?”
By Robin Ryan Bestselling Author of 60 Seconds & You’re Hired Posted 09-27-2019
How Your High Schooler Can Save for College (Even During the School Year!)
So, your kids are in high school. Honestly, you’re already crushing it as a parent, especially if you still have your sanity! Before you celebrate too hard, though, there’s one more thing to think about—college.
By Anthony ONeal Posted 08-30-2019
Here’s why you need a will, and how to get one
We all want to do nice things for our loved ones. We go on family trips and celebrate life's wins together. It's sometimes difficult for us to consider the bad things that can happen in life, but we still have to be prepared. That's why having a will is so important!
By Chris Hogan Posted 08-23-2019
Career Coaching with Ken Coleman - The Proximity Principle
Going after your dream, or “living the dream,” is more about reality than the dream. I prefer the phrase “realize the dream.” It means you understand you must take small steps and create a plan in order to make your dream a reality. Most people don’t quit once they have a plan in place, because it provides a detailed road map to your destination.
By Ken Coleman Posted 08-16-2019
CV Writing: How It Works, Backwards!
Let me as a Recruiter and Professional CV Writer take you through that route, and how you can create a compelling - and hence job getting - Professional CV.
By Ian R McAllister Posted 08-12-2019
Is Disclosure Right For Me? Insight from Resource Partnership Job Seekers
The topic of disclosure can be tricky to navigate. You can read article after article on this topic and still feel that you are not 100% sure of whether or not to disclose your disability to an employer. This article provides an insider's perspective of this decision-making process taken from the point of view of several job seekers who have worked with Resource Partnership to obtain employment.
By Jennifer Seamans Posted 08-09-2019
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