Company: Blake International
Location: Houma , TX
Category: Skilled & Trades, Offshore, General, Energy
Job Type: Full Time
Posted: 6/9/2017

Houma, Louisiana


The Derrickhand will assist the Driller with the raising and lowering of drill pipe, risers and tubular in and out of the hole. The Derrickhand is responsible for ensuring the safe, efficient, smooth operation and continual functions of the derrick, mud pumps, drilling fluids, mud pit, sack room and related equipment. The employee will work with, supervise and coordinate the activities of the Roustabout assisting in the chemical sack room. The Derrickhand takes directions from the Toolpusher, Driller or Assistant Driller, and Mud Engineer.

General Tasks
• Assists in other areas of the drilling operation as directed.
• Acts as a lead in the pump area, mud pits, and rig floor based on direction from the Driller and Driller Trainee.
• Ensures correct safety procedures are followed; assists in training drill crew.
• Directs and coordinates crewmembers in the performance of work duties and priorities.
• Prepares required work permits, risk assessments and ensures Stop Work Authority and Job Safety Environmental Analyses usage.
• Schedules equipment maintenance and repair with other department personnel, such as Drillers, Electricians, Motorman, and Crane Operators.
• Prepares handover notes for relief staff.
• Performs all duties in accordance with the Permit to Work system.
• Supervising the Roustabout assigned to assist in these areas.
• Provide occasioned relief to the Floorhand on the drill floor.
• Provides assistance in other areas of drilling operations as directed.
• Provide occasional relief to the Driller when trained.
• Performs other duties and special projects as requested by management.

Pump Room
• Maintains equipment in the pump area and mud pits; informs the Driller or Driller Trainee of any problems or unexpected variations in the drilling fluid, mud properties, and pit level.
• Lines up mud gas separator, degasser, and mixing pumps.
• Mixes and maintains the condition of the drilling fluid.
• Mixes the mud in accordance with the Mud Engineers specifications; checks weight and viscosity, calculates pit volumes, and monitors returns from shaker house.
• Logs drilling fluid properties and quantity of drilling chemicals and mud materials used each tour.
• Monitors the high-pressure mud pumps, making certain that the condition, fluid levels, lubrication, and calibration of the equipment is correct; performs preventive maintenance on the high pressure mud pumps and replaces fluids as needed.
• Operates, cleans, performs preventative maintenance, and repairs mud mixing pumps, charging pumps, solid control equipment, and related equipment.
• Maintains a clean and safe area.

Derrick Operations
• Inspects the derrick on a weekly basis in accordance with approved checklist.
• Handles tubular in the derrick or on the rig floor; checks fluid transfers, and returns and prepares stand to rack and run.
• Handles the upper end of the drill string as it is being hoisted out of or lowered into the hole.
• Maintains derrick by inspecting lines, ropes, hoist, monkey board, derrick fingers, tubing and stabbing boards, sheaves, crown block, bolts, pins, welds, and other lines and equipment attached to the derrick; lubricates air hoists, sheaves, and fastline guide, performs basic repairs and replaces defective parts.
• Inspects Top Drive, torque equipment, and related equipment for proper functioning.
• Assists in nippling, maintaining, and repairing blowout prevention (BOP) equipment.
• Supervises casing operations, including stab casing, lining up threads, valves, pumps and fluid system, casing fill-up, mixing, and monitoring returns.


High School Diploma or equivalent is required unless satisfactory knowledge and skills have been demonstrated for the position applied for with management’s approval.

Professional Experience:
• Physical and cognitive ability to perform the responsibilities of this position.
• Six months experience as a Floorhand on a Blake International rig with similar equipment or six months experience as a Derrickhand or Driller Trainee on a similar type of rig for another drilling company.
• Intermediate level of mechanical knowledge of rotary drill equipment, mud circulating systems, well shut-in procedures, ability to recognize signs of kick and the procedures for circulating out a kick.

Houma , TX
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