Assistant District Attorney
Company: Harris County District Attorney
Location: Houston , TX
Category: Professional
Job Type: Full Time
Pay Amount: $64,260 / Year
Posted: 7/19/2019

The Harris County District Attorney's Office is always interested in receiving resumes from qualified candidates for its various positions.


We offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefit package.


The starting pay for an Assistant District Attorney is currently $64,260.00 annually ($5,355/month).  Pay raises are based on merit.  The Commissioners Court considers cost of living pay adjustments.  Although there is no paid overtime, compensatory time off is available in lieu of overtime pay.  For further explanation of benefits, please refer to page 24 of the Harris County Personnel Regulations.


The Harris County District Attorney's Office continually reviews resumes of applicants interested in employment as prosecutors. The HCDAO is an equal opportunity employer.

Most lawyers are hired after being licensed to practice law in Texas. If you are a licensed attorney in Texas, or have taken the Texas bar exam and are awaiting results and you wish to apply for a position as an Assistant District Attorney, send a letter, resume and completed application with a non-electronic signature.


Generally, only a person who is a licensed attorney can expect to be interviewed for a position as an Assistant District Attorney.  In exceptional circumstances, a person who has graduated law school, taken the Texas Bar Exam, and is awaiting test results may be considered for an interview.  Only complete applications are reviewed.


A senior staff member initially screens the application for employment as an Assistant District Attorney and, after determining whether the applicant meets employment prerequisites, reports his or her findings, together with a recommendation, to the office’s hiring coordinator. 


If the senior staff member believes that an applicant should be considered for hiring, the Office will conduct an initial background and reference check of the applicant.  Based upon favorable results of the background check, further evaluation of the application by the hiring coordinator, and the needs of the Office, an interview may be scheduled with the Hiring Committee. 


Due to the limited number of openings generally available and the large number of applicants for those positions, only a few applicants can be invited for Hiring Committee interviews.  Applicants who will not be extended an invitation to interview with the Committee will be promptly notified by letter. 


Because the District Attorney can offer employment only when one of the positions authorized by Commissioner’s Court is vacant, the Committee meets and interviews applicants only when there are positions available.  There is no way to accurately predict when positions will become available. 


Applicants who are interviewed by the Committee will be advised of the results of the interview usually within ten days, either by telephone or by letter. 


Houston, TX
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