Peace Officer - Staff Pool
Company: Houston Community College
Location: Houston , TX
Category: Security & Law Enforcement, Professional, Management
Job Type: Full Time
Pay Amount: $41,911 to $55,638 / Year
Posted: 1/22/2019

You: You want to “protect and serve” so our communities can thrive and people can be free to exercise their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Your mission: We’ll count on you to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors so we can continue to offer the education and training that will enable our graduates to obtain the careers of their dreams.


A typical day: You may spend the morning patrolling HCC buildings and parking areas, investigating any suspicious situation or individual, checking doors and windows. You may respond to a call or complaint, which you’ll check out, resolve and report on. You may need to spend an hour directing traffic around the parking areas during a particularly busy time.


In the afternoon, you might give a talk on crime prevention to students, faculty and staff. On your way back, you may observe a student collapse on campus and you would call for an ambulance and assist the medical personnel in any way you could. Finally, you might travel to court to serve as a witness in a case involving an incident that occurred on campus.


Next steps: If you always have the student experience in the forefront of your planning and execution, if you’re a collaborator, an innovator and a person who gets things done, apply today!



The qualifications listed below are representative of the education, experience, knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform the essential duties and responsibilities listed above. Candidate must pass an in depth background investigation, perform the functions as described, have no integrity issues that could harm his/her credibility related to testifying in court.  


The following physical activities have been linked to the essential job functions of a police officer:


a.  Running

b.  Lifting and Carrying

c.  Moving Non-Resisters

d.  Controlling Resisters

e.  Wrestling/Physical Struggles

f.   Dragging and Pulling

g.  Climbing

h.  Jumping

I.   Fighting

j.   Standing

k.  Sitting

l.   Riding a bicycle



  • Minimum of high school diploma or GED required, Associates Degree preferred.
  • Must have successfully completed and provide documentation of passing the TCLEOSE Peace Officer Licensing Exam (minimum 70%) or produce a valid TCOLE Peace Officer license (i.e. Pocket Card or Certification document).




  • Two (2) years police experience with Honorable F5 separations from all previous agencies.
  • In lieu of experience, the candidate must meet one of the following two requirements: Twelve (12) earned hours of college credits from an accredited institution or Honorable Discharge from the military


  • Must be able to lift and move 50 lbs. without assistance
  • Must be able to enter and exit department vehicles quickly and without assistance
  • Must be able to run 100 yards without stopping and be functional upon completion
  • Must be able to perform all the essential duties listed without assistance


  • Employees in this position will be scheduled to work rotating shifts in a 24/7 environment.  Employees will be expected to work holidays, nights and/or weekends to meet staffing and scheduling requirements;
  • Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing with a diverse population;
  • Knowledge of federal, state and local laws;
  • Ability to mediate conflicts and demonstrate professional behavior in highly stressful situations;
  • Remain calm, composed, undistracted, and in full control of cognitive abilities while functioning appropriately in hostile, dangerous, or frightening situations that may require use of deadly force;     
  • Maintain rational decision-making and self-control in situations or environments that are personally offensive (cases of child abuse, child molestation, sexual assault, extreme trauma or death, etc.) or which involve considerable stress, danger, personal risk, violence, hostility, or the use of force; and
  • Maintain composure and exercise restraint when verbally or physically provoked in hostile or violent environments.  


Per HCC Policy C: 4.7 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace, a drug and/or alcohol test is required if a conditional job offer is made.


3100 Main
Houston, TX
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