Reservists (On Call) Environment Historic Preservation
Company: FEMA
Location: TX
Category: Houston Disaster Recovery
Job Type: Full Time
Posted: 8/31/2017

FEMA is seeking talented men and women who are eager to assist disaster survivors on an on-call basis as Reservist employees. In this role, you will travel , receive training , build your professional network and support those in need . Are you or someone you know looking for a rewarding on-call work opportunity to assist disaster survivors?


Reservists work on an intermittent basis, supporting survivors of all-hazard incidents. They are the main FEMA workforce during an emergency or disaster, that assists the agency in accomplishing its mission.


The Environment Historic Preservation (EHP) cadre provides technical expertise and develops tools to address and resolve anticipated environmental and/or historic preservation issues relating to compliance review and approval process for proposed actions to be funded by FEMA during emergency and recovery operations.


Additional responsibilities may include but not limited to:


  • Review and implement Executive Orders, environmental and historic preservation laws, and guidelines for FEMA funded activities.
  • Perform or oversees program administration work, such as technical project monitoring and evaluations.
  • Analyze or review a wide range of environmental and floodplain, scientific, technical, management, engineering, socio-economic, and legal issues.
  • Serve as project or technical manager for FEMA task orders and Interagency Agreements addressing environmental/historic preservation compliance issues.
  • Develop and maintains liaison with State, Tribal, and Federal resource agencies, and private sector organizations, in order to coordinate compliance issues, disseminate technical information and maintain knowledge of government-wide programs associated with historic preservation laws.

The EHP cadre maintains positions that require various levels of experience and skills. The cadre is currently accepting resumes for the following positions:


  • Environmental Compliance Review Specialist
  • Environmental Specialists
  • Historic Preservation Specialists
  • Environmental Floodplain Specialist



If you or someone you know are interested in a career in the EHP cadre, please review the general skills and experience required to become a member of the team. The level of experience and specific skill sets depend on the position of interest.


  • Written and verbal Communication
  • Ability to work independently and in a team setting
  • Public speaking
  • Working knowledge of computer applications (databases, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) applications, shape files, and mapping programs.
  • Experience using Microsoft office products, such as Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Experience completing environmental compliance reviews for state or federal agencies.
  • Specialized experience or education in Environmental, Historic Preservation, Archeology, Architecture, History, and Science is a plus.


Join our team as an Environmental Floodplain Specialist (EFSP). Typical duties include:


  • as a technical specialist on floodplains and wetlands, providing advice and assistance to FEMA program staff, state emergency management staff, Tribal, state, local governments.
  • or overseeing program administration work, such as technical project monitoring and evaluations, to meet environmental and historic preservation responsibilities.
  • a wide range of environmental and floodplain, scientific, technical, management, engineering, socio-economic, and legal issues
  • Reviewing and implementing environmental and historic preservation laws, executive orders, regulations, standards, policies, guidelines for FEMA funded activities, and the 8-step review process.


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