TWU Ramp Clerk
Company: Worldwide Flight Services
Location: Houston , TX
Category: Administrative / Clerical, Transportation, Airport, General
Job Type: Full Time
Posted: 8/2/2018

Worldwide Flight Services is hiring a TWU RAMP CLERK



The work of a Ramp Service Clerk includes the following:

  • Loading and unloading of cargo (mail, express, baggage, freight, and company material) on and off aircraft; the transporting of cargo between terminals and aircraft; the ramp transfers of cargo where required; the receiving, delivering, and physical handling of freight and company material, export at the designated express docks, mail and baggage in the outbound baggage room; the completion of forms and messages related to and necessary for the performance of the designated locations of the functions described. 
  • The cleaning and servicing of cabin interiors, including cockpit and lavatories; draining lavatories; checking, handling, assembling, removing and installing passenger service cabin furnishings and supplies. 
  • Transporting such furnishings and supplies to and from aircraft.  Assisting in loading, unloading and racking both filled and empty drums. 
  • In addition, de-icing aircraft, clear aircraft windshields, pushout/two aircraft and related guide man functions; connect/remove ground power and ground start units. 
  • May be required to clean the exterior of aircraft with specialized cleaning fluids. 
  • May be assigned to perform routine cleaning of work areas, ramps, and facilities with or without powered equipment. 
  • May be assigned to assist in monitoring security of facility. 
  • May be assigned to do routine automotive repair; servicing and cleaning of powered and unpowered equipment.
  • Comply with WFS site security procedures for assigned warehouse and other operations. 
  • Remain cognizant of WFS staff, security contractors, and visitors' activities and report security breaches, suspicious occurrences, or non-compliance with the site security plan to managers or via the WFS whistleblower program.
  • High School diploma or GED preferred. 
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and Port Authority or Airport Authority (if applicable) permit to use ramp side service roads. 
  • Must be at least 18 years of age if position requires driving cargo handling equipment. 
  • Ability to work rotating shifts including weekends (i.e. Friday, Saturday and Sunday), holidays and days off.  
  • Ability to read, write, fluently speak and understand the English language.
Houston , TX 77032
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