Volunteer Opportunities in Katy ISD
Company: Katy ISD
Location: Katy , TX
Category: General, Volunteer
Job Type: Full Time
Posted: 10/25/2018

Who can volunteer?




Volunteering isn't just something people "do" in Katy ISD.  Our volunteers define who we are.  Here, volunteerism is an inherent tradition and part of our culture, woven into the fiber of every single campus.  Principals recognize the value volunteers bring to their schools.  Teachers recognize that volunteers help them better serve children.  And as for our students – they are so accustomed to seeing volunteers at their schools that they wouldn't know what to do without them.  We know people have busy lives with kids and jobs and other commitments.  That's why we make volunteering simple and easy for them, which ultimately makes education better for our students.


The goal of Partners in Education is to make believers.  And when volunteers come face-to-face with teachers and students, it's not hard to do.  But we also aim to make believers out of our students – to broaden their perspective by introducing them to adults from around the corner and around the world.  Volunteers not only give them a greater world view, they also teach them the blessing of giving to the greater good.  And in so doing, Katy ISD children love volunteers and, ultimately, become adults who love volunteering.  

Katy , TX
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