Recruitment Event - Seafood Processors
Company: Westward Seafoods
Location: TX
Category: Restaurant / Foodservice, General, Company Hiring Events
Job Type: Full Time
Posted: 9/26/2018

Now Hiring for the 2019 Alaska Season!


October 31, 2018

9:00 am

Houston, TX


November 2, 2018

9:00 am

McAllen, TX


Located in DUTCH HARBOR, Alaska and UNALASKA, Alaska.


WSI processes several species of seafood including Pollock, Crab, Pacific Cod, Halibut and Sablefish. Production employees process raw product that is delivered from fishing vessels to sell to customers. Processors can be assigned to various positions within the production department including, but not limited to, butchering, sorting, filleting, and case-up. Processors are also required to participate in plant clean-up, and other duties as assigned.


This position requires the candidate have the ability to perform the physical requirements including; standing in place for long periods of time; repetitive motions using hands, arms, legs and back; regularly lift and move 50 lbs; frequent rotations and twisting at waist; frequent climbing and descending of stairs; working long hours in cold/wet environments (12+ hours per day, 7 days a week); and prompt and regular attendance.


All WSI employees are required to wear protective safety gear where required and are responsible for promoting and maintaining a safe working environment for self and others.


WSI has a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.


Starting Wage: $9.84 / Overtime $14.76 Wage Level: 1 Status: Non-Exempt Seasonal Hourly.

Benefits: Transportation to/from Point of Hire, 401(k) and Medical upon eligibility.


You will be charged $15 per day for room and board. This will be deducted from your paycheck. We will offer to refund 1/3 of the Room and Board deduction if an employee successfully completes their contract. This would equate to a $5.00 per day refund.


In order to be considered for hire, applicants MUST:


COMPLETE the online application.


INCOMPLETE applications CANNOT be taken into consideration toward hire. WSI will make an effort to notify you (via email) if your application is received incomplete and further action is required. Applications must be completed prior to your attendance at a Recruiting Event.


BE CAREFUL that you submit an application for the JOB and WORK LOCATION you wish to be considered for. There may be multiple positions with the same job title available to applicants. Ensure you refer to the CITY referenced in the Requisition listing.


ATTEND A RECRUIT EVENT to be interviewed in person (see below for schedules). Your APPLICATION must be COMPLETED to your attending the recruit event. BE CAREFUL to submit an application for the requisition / position / location associated with the recruiting event you will be attending.


Our RECRUITING dates, times and locations are listed below. Take note of the recruiting event you plan to attend as you will be asked to choose one during the application process.

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