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Houston, TX Posted 12/2/2020 Full Time Skilled & Trades, Welding

We are currently hiring for a highly skilled welder / welding operators capable of performing all processes of welding for the purpose of joining metals and weld build up on finish or semi located in Houston, Texas. Finished machine parts of various shape and sizes. Welding process included but not limited to, are SMAW, GTAW (Manual and Machine) GMAW, GMAW (P) with solid or flux cored filler wire and SAW (Machine). Basic blue print reading, understanding of the welding procedure base on code ASME IX is must. Some domestic and international travel may be required from time to time.

Job Responsibilities

  • Welder must pass a weld test in 6-G position in SMAW and GTAW process using various filler metals on heavy wall pipe coupon.
  • Capable of setting large Steam Turbine / Compressor parts for repair welding on turn table – Tie down large parts on strong back for distortion control during the welding process – Set up small and large rotor in the Sub-arc welding stand for overlay welding and weld build of disk
  • Being able to apply torches on the large rotor for the preheat requirement prior to any welding.
  • Understand welding procedure ESSENTIAL VARIABLES; Filler material, Preheat, Interpass, Volts, Amps, Travel speed and Joint preparation.
  • Must understand the principles of Thermal Stress Relief and the use of Ceramic Heating Pads for same.
  • Set-up, Program and run PWHT operation unattended.
  • Work from Blue prints, Verbal instructions & Route tags; determine where and how much weld to apply, perform Lay out work and demonstrate a workable proficiency with Oxy/Fuel cutting equipment.
  • Have a solid working knowledge of rigging principles and equipment; overhead cranes, nylon slings, wire rope, shackles, spreader bars and coordinated lifting and up ending heavy objects.
  • Through knowledge of shop measuring devices; scales, squares, levels, protractors, micrometers, Vernier and digital calipers.
  • Positive attitude toward cleanliness, neatness, quality and quantity of work as well as a healthy respect for the comfort and safety of others.

Required Skills / Knowledge

  • Must be authorized to work in the U.S. and possess a via valid passport


  • 5+ years’ experience in related field

Education Requirements

  • High School Diploma / GED Vocational Welding Certificate

Physical Requirements

  • Field/shop environments
  • Occasional travel (20%)
  • Lift 50 pounds to waist level

Houston, TX
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