Looking for a unique opportunity to observe wildlife up-close in your own backyard?
Company: TWRC Wildlife Center
Location: Houston , TX
Category: Volunteer
Job Type: Full Time & Part Time
Posted: 10/19/2020

Rehabilitating wildlife can be an extremely rewarding experience! Most species require a prospective rehabber to obtain state (and sometimes federal) permits to be able to rehabilitate them in their home. Those interested in at-home wildlife rehabilitation can work as a sub-permitted rehabilitator under the mentorship of a permitted rehabilitator. Becoming a permitted wildlife rehabilitator generally takes from 1.5 to 2 years.

Wildlife rehabilitators with TWRC are uniquely supported in several ways:

  • Discounts on consumable rehab supplies
  • Assistance with caging needs and cage set-up/enrichment
  • Advance notice of educational opportunities
  • Personal mentorship by experienced rehabilitators specializing in the species in which you are interested.
  • Assistance with getting sub-permitted or obtaining your own rehabilitation permit for a home facility.
  • Free veterinarian assistance for animals in rehabilitation.
  • Free medication for rehab animals and access to x-ray equipment.

To qualify as a home-based rehabber, there are numerous requirements that must be met since this activity is regulated by Texas Parks and Wildlife. 

In order to become a home-based rehabber with TWRC, you must be at least 21 years of agelive in the Greater Houston Area and meet the following requirements:


1) Volunteer in our Animal Care Program (ACP) for a minimum of 30 hours. These hours must be earned within the 6-month period immediately preceding being sub-permitted and/or receiving animals.  If you have questions regarding the Animal Care Program, please visit the “Contact Us” page on our website and select “Animal Care Program” under “Message Type”.


2) Complete the “Intro to Home-Based Rehab” presentation online.


3) Upgrade your membership to become a Rehabber Member of TWRC (an additional cost of $10) by visiting the “Renew Your Membership” page and selecting “Upgrade from Animal Care Program to Rehabber Membership + $10.00”. (Initial membership is $40.00)


4) Have an appropriate space for the care of animals. Young animals require quiet and isolation from pets, children, and other disturbances. Outdoor transition cages are 8’x8’x8’ wood and wire structures you place on your property semi-permanently.


5) Time! Anyone can help with home-based rehab, but time commitments vary. Transitioning animals to release typically takes less than an hour per day for minor cleaning and feeding but requires a few weeks of commitment before you release to the wild. Younger animals require several feedings per day, possible transport to medical appointments, and several weeks before they are ready to release.


6) Financial – Home-based rehabbers take on some of the burden of housing, feeding, and medicating animals in their care. TWRC offers the supplies at a significant discount and often has donated materials available to rehabbers first, but there is a monetary investment involved.


The reward for your hard work is the joy of seeing orphaned and injured wildlife return to the wild because of your help! You get to spend time with adorable baby squirrels, rabbits, opossums, and other species. You get to learn and be an ambassador for wildlife. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to assist local wildlife!

TWRC Wildlife Center
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